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Montclair News Lab was LIVE for two hours on April 10, 2019.

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About our #FocusImmigration Thunderclap

Students and faculty at Montclair State’s School of Communication and Media wanted to do a collaborative project that would harness all the cross-platform talents housed in our building. The students chose to examine the topic of immigration and we united all our content around one hashtag: #FocusImmigration.

To get our work noticed in a world awash with content, we orchestrated a Thunderclap: unleashing all our stories simultaneously across platforms on one day so that we could be heard, read, watched – and have an impact. It worked. Read about it here. Check out the stories featured above, and click the icons to see more of the work students produced.

Credits & Contributors

  • Mary Alex

    Associate Producer

  • Derek Dalonges

    PR for M.A/ SCM Social Media Coordinator

  • Samantha Easterday

    Nicole Appel

    Megan Schultheis

    Exec. Producer of Live Broadcast

  • Anthony Gabbianelli

    Sports Editor

  • Erika Jakubiszen

    The Montclarion Social Media Coordinator

  • Molly Jenkins

    Social Media Coordinator

  • Christina Kosior

    PR for M.A/ SCM Social Media Coordinator

  • Mario Papa

    Content Developer

  • Hiral Patel

    Content Developer

  • Javier Reyes

    Assist. Social Media Coordinator

  • Dani Romanou

    Content Developer

  • Aiden Wehrle

    News Lab Intern


  • Louis Biondolillo
  • Chanila German
  • Talon Lauriello
  • Kylie Mocarski
  • Haley Wells
  • Stephanie Woollerton
  • Tara George
  • Mark Effron
  • Vernard Gantt
  • Thomas Franklin
  • Stuart MacLelland
  • Yi Luo
  • Martin Halo
  • Scott Hooker
  • Stacy Gitlin
  • Kelly Whiteside
  • Mark Beal
  • Jaime Bedrin